All I Could Get

Barry Schwartz had everything: two healthy young children, a strong marriage, a house in the Colorado mountains, and a job that let him ski a hundred days in a good year. But at thirty, debt-ridden and maybe just a little but bored, he decided it wasn’t enough, and headed for Wall Street to make the big bucks.With the voice of a born storyteller and an intimate knowledge of the business of high finance, Lasser gives us stunning scenes that capture the life Barry finds waiting for him on the fast track: the wry banter of the morning commute, the hardball diction of Wall Street, and the social pressures to get ahead at any cost. Only once Barry has lost the last vestiges of his former self does he start to wonder, what’s it all for? All I Could Get pits ambition against happiness, lust against love, and work against family to make shrewd observations about human nature and the costs of the American dream.

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