The Year that Follows

The story of a woman’s search for her brother’s lost son, orphaned in the wake of his sudden death, drives Scott Lasser’s riveting new novel–a work of staggering economy and momentum about a woman’s quest and a family’s longing for wholeness and completion. Cat is a single mother living in Detroit when her brother is killed in New York, and she sets off in search of his child. Her search is still underway when she gets a call from her father. Sam is eighty, still carrying the weight of a secret he has kept from Cat all her life. He asks Cat to visit him in California, intending to make his peace. Cat’s journey—toward her father, and her brother’s infant son—and Sam’s journey toward his daughter, his lost son, and a new relationship to both his future and his past—are woven into this superbly realized novel about families, and the mysteries and ambiguities that inhere in our most primal relations. The result is a deeply stirring work that explores the complexities of home and heritage, and the bonds which even death is powerless to diminish.

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